Minding Mittens

Welcome to our website all about children's book 'Minding Mittens', a must-have for any cat owner!
Written by a vet, it educates children about cats in a fun and interactive way. 
Written, printed and illustrated in Cork, Ireland.

"My son loves the Minding Mittens book! It's his favourite bedtime story and he's much more involved with helping look after our cat now"  Amy 

"Minding Mittens is an adorable book, the pictures are so cute and my child loved looking at them" Stephanie 

"There is a lovely quiz and colouring page at the back of the book....out of 5 starts I would definitely give it 5" Grace, 9 years old

"This is such a lovely book for children and the cuddly toy is a lovely gift to give with the book! My nephew loved it" Sarah

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